Vedanta announces mission statement “Transform for good” in line with ESG objectives


The new mission statement is based on 3 pillars: Transforming Communities, Transforming the Planet and Transforming the Workplace

The company aims to be the ESG leader in the natural resources sector

NEW DELHI and Mumbai, India, 25 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – Vedanta, a global natural resources company, announced the evolution of its mission statement to strengthen the group’s commitment to ESG.

Vedanta plans to be the ESG leader in the natural resources sector and is committed to reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050 or earlier. The company is committed $ 5 billion over the next 10 years to accelerate the transition to net zero operations. As part of the process, the company shifted its mission statement back to Vedanta – “Transform for good”, to make a meaningful difference for society as a whole.

M / s. Priya Agarwal, director of Vedanta Ltd. said: “As a diversified natural resources company, Vedanta is committed to ensuring sustainable and responsible growth, based on the principles of environmental stewardship, equity and social impact, and good corporate governance. . With this new identity, we want to strengthen our commitment to ESG in everything we do. “

Vedanta’s new positioning is based on three pillars: Transforming Communities, Transforming the Planet and Transforming the Workplace. The new mission statement is important because it focuses on Vedanta adopting best practices and policies in the ESG space for the greater good.

Transforming communities

  • Objective 1. Responsible business decisions based on the well-being of the community
  • Goal 2. Empower more than 2.5 million families with improved skills.
  • Goal 3. Raise more than 100 million women and children through education, nutrition, health and well-being.

Transform the planet

  • Target 4. 25% reduction in carbon emissions intensity by 2030 and net carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Objective 5. Innovations for a greener economic model
  • Goal 6. Achieve net positivity of water by 2030

Transform the workplace

  • Objective 7. Prioritize the safety and health of all employees
  • Objective 8. Promote gender parity, diversity and inclusiveness
  • Goal 9. Adhere to global business standards for corporate governance

Vedanta has been at the forefront of sustainable practices and takes advantage of new technologies to protect the environment and communities. Guided by the “Zero damage, zero waste, zero discharge” philosophy, environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are at the heart of Vedanta’s operations which aim to ensure sustainable and responsible growth, thus creating value for all stakeholders.

About Vedanta Limited

Vedanta Limited, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Limited, is one of the world’s leading oil, gas and metals companies with significant operations in oil and gas, zinc, lead, silver, copper , iron ore, steel and aluminum and energy through India, South Africa and Namibia. For two decades, Vedanta has made a significant contribution to nation building. Governance and sustainable development are at the heart of Vedanta’s strategy, with a strong emphasis on health, safety and the environment. Vedanta has put in place a comprehensive framework to be the ESG leader in the natural resources sector. Vedanta has pledged to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050 or earlier and pledged $ 5 billion over the next 10 years to accelerate the transition to net zero operations. Giving back is in Vedanta’s DNA, which is focused on improving the lives of local communities. The company’s flagship social impact program, Nand Ghars, was established as a model of Anganwadis focused on child malnutrition eradication, education, health care and empowerment of children. women by enabling them to develop their skills. Under the aegis of the Anil Agarwal Foundation, the umbrella entity of Vedanta’s social initiatives, the Vedanta group is committed Rs 5000 crore over the next five years on social impact programs focused on nutrition, women’s and children’s development, health care, animal welfare and grassroots sports. Vedanta and the group company were listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2020 and received the Frost & Sullivan Sustainability Awards 2020, the CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2020, the CSR Health Impact Award 2020, the CII National Award 2020 for Excellence in Water Management, CII Digital Transformation Award 2020, People First HR Excellence Award 2020, “Company with Great Managers 2020” by People Business and certified Great Place to Work 2021. Vedanta Nand Ghar’s flagship project has been identified as the best CSR project by the government of Rajasthan. Vedanta Limited is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. For more information, please visit

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