USCIS Uses Internal Investigation To Rewrite Its Mission Statement


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services branch is asking employees to describe the immigration agency’s mission in three words to help them rewrite its mission statement, according to an internal email obtained by Axios sent Wednesday after. -midday.

Why is this important: In 2018, the Trump administration rewrote the statement, controversially removing the words “nation of immigrants.” The recent email is another sign that the Biden administration is trying to change the tone of immigration after Trump. USCIS has also urged officials to use “more inclusive” terms to describe immigrants.

Details: USCIS will ask employees for three words that “best describe how we aspire to accomplish our mission” via Survey Monkey. The survey will be sent out on Monday and employees will have until April 16 to respond, according to the email.

  • “I think it’s critical that we take your ideas and feedback to craft a new mission statement and define our vision for the agency,” wrote USCIS Acting Director Tracy Renaud, in the email.

What they say : “Senior official serving as Director Tracy L. Renaud sent a message to the USCIS workforce seeking comments to outline the mission of USCIS and articulate a vision for the agency,” Axios told Axios Sarah Rodriguez, USCIS spokesperson.

  • “USCIS is committed to promoting full and fair access to our legal immigration system. “

Between the lines: While other Department of Homeland Security immigration agencies handle border enforcement, detention, and deportation, USCIS manages much of the legal immigration system, including the issuance of certain visas, work permits and certain types of asylum.

  • The current mission statement established by the Trump administration describes USCIS as administering “the nation’s legal immigration system, protecting its integrity and promise by effectively and fairly processing immigration benefit claims while protecting the Americans, by securing the homeland and honoring our values ​​”.
  • Prior to the change of the Trump era, the mission statement included the agency’s description as securing “America’s promise as a nation of immigrants.”

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