USCIS replaces Trump-Era mission statement with new welcome tag


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America has, over the years, been the land of opportunity whose doors have remained open for legal immigrants seeking to find a better life for themselves. However, the Trump administration has made significant changes to immigration policies, which make it extremely difficult for foreigners to seek legal immigration.

Rolling back Trump-era policies

The Biden administration is rolling back the oppressive immigration policies put in place during the Trump era, hoping to restore the US Immigration Department to the face it once had. A major step in bringing back the lost glory of USCIS is to replace the previous administration’s mission statement which removed the label “nation of immigrants” and replaced it with the label “a nation of ‘welcome and possibility’.

The policy settlement change was announced by the USCIS Director to Immigration Department employees, saying the new statement best reflects the Biden administration’s agenda. In a statement, USCIS Director Our Jaddou said the Department of Immigration under the current administration strives to provide timely decisions, whether yes or no, with the highest possible level of respect for anyone seeking the services of the USCIS.

The mission statement is symbolic

The mission statement change in early February, while symbolic, is part of the current administration’s effort to erase the remnants of the previous administration’s immigration plan, which limited legal immigration avenues and had a harsh rhetorical approach to immigrants.

The new USCIS statement affirms America’s promise as a land of welcome and opportunity with integrity, fairness, and respect for all. According to Michael Knowles, an American asylum worker, although shorter than the Trump-era mission statement, the new mission statement better reflects what America stands for. Creating this mission statement was not a one-man show. According to Jaddou, the new policy statement reflects responses to the survey of 750 immigration employees.

Other Policy Changes

The policy statement change is not the first thing the Biden administration has brought to USCIS. Last year, the administration stopped using the dehumanizing term “illegal aliens.” Under current administration guidelines, the agency also repealed the 2019 rule that made it extremely difficult for low-income immigrants to obtain permanent residency and U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

“Every person, whether rich or poor, now has the same right to obtain U.S. permanent residency and naturalization,” says the lawyer Joshua Goldstein Goldstein’s immigration lawyers. USCIS is on track to implement key Biden administration policy proposals, including overhauling the southern border asylum process and a rule protecting the Obama administration’s Action for Childhood Arrivals program. legal challenges.

If some of these provisions have not yet been implemented, it is because of a funding problem. USCIS’ main source of funding is filing fees, and it struggles to manage the backlog of cases due to limited resources. Additionally, the agency would need a little help with digitization, given that it still relies heavily on paper documents. However, some of these challenges can be easily resolved through better agency funding.

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