United States Gymnastics | USA Gymnastics Introduces New Mission Statement and New Organizational Values ​​to Guide Future Efforts


INDIANAPOLIS, September 9, 2020 – USA Gymnastics shared an updated mission statement and presented five core organizational values ​​that will guide future operations. These changes underscore USA Gymnastics’ continued efforts to evolve the culture of sport, prioritize the well-being of athletes, and create greater accountability for the organization and its members.

As part of its broader organizational transformation, USA Gymnastics established a brand new Board of Directors in the summer of 2018, and CEO Li Li Leung joined the organization in March 2019. Since then, USA Gymnastics has established a brand new Executive Leadership Team, which includes a Chief Athlete Welfare position.

This radical change in leadership inspired new organizational priorities and definitions of success.

“It is extremely important to lead by example and set the tone and standard for our community,” said Leung. “We hope that by creating a shared vision, we can continue to create momentum towards achieving the culture we know is necessary in our sport.”

This shared vision is articulated in a purposefully crafted mission statement: Build a community and culture of health, safety and excellence, where athletes can thrive in sport and in life.

USA Gymnastics also introduced five core values ​​that further demonstrate the organization’s commitment to creating meaningful change in sport: Safety, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Listening.

“The health and well-being of athletes is the foundation of our operations, and it starts with safety,” said Kim Kranz, Athlete Wellness Manager at USA Gymnastics. “Nothing we aspire can be achieved without making sure this piece is in place at all levels in all disciplines, and our mission and values ​​reflect that. ”

“It’s a new USA Gymnastics,” said Leung. “We’re putting the emphasis back where it should be: on supporting athletes and creating environments and opportunities that will help them be successful as gymnasts and as individuals.” It means putting safety first, listening to members of our community and making our decisions. It means acting with integrity and communicating openly and honestly with stakeholders.

“It’s not just words on a page. Each of our values ​​represents a promise to our community. We know who we want to be. We know who we need to be and we are committed to living those ideals.”

You can read more about USA Gymnastics’ new leadership team and their vision for the future here.

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