Things to Know About Indian Railways 2 Year Mission Plan


WWith a vision for a future with improved rail services and a better travel experience, the Ministry of Railways has issued a 2-year vision document. It lists the long-term goals and milestones that the national carrier intends to achieve.

A 33-page document, Indian Railways Visions and Plans 2017-2019 provides an overview of the “strategic roadmap” that the railways intend to undertake over the next two years.

The document addresses nine themes. Infrastructure upgrade, passenger experience, preferred freight carrier, improved non-fare revenue, “zero” fatalities, modernization through digitization and advanced technology, organizational culture, focus on costs and sustainability.

These themes have been subdivided into sub-themes, and each sub-theme has a strategic initiative identified under it. In addition, each initiative has a set of action plans.

Here are some of the goals and objectives visualized by Indian Railways, through which they aim to be the engine of economic growth and development in India:

1. Introduction of high speed trains (350 km / h), starting from the current highest speed of 160 km / h, as well as the establishment of a very high speed wireless corridor along the network IR.

2. Air cooled / temperature controlled services will be provided for long distance travel to all passengers in India.

3. By removing 6,113 Unmanned Level Crossings (UMLC) on wide gauge lines, the railways intend to improve throughput on the existing network and transform it into a high speed network. That is an estimated 66 percent reduction in accidents.

4. Combining technology and passenger experience, one integrated application to provide all railway affiliated services including ticketing, taxi, etc. will be launched.

5. With a plan to set up 2 lakh screens in 2,175 stations, they intend to build a dedicated platform not only for advertisements, but also for generating passenger information.

6. Taking the environmentally friendly route, the ministry is planning solar and wind powered trains. In addition, all production units and at least one workshop in each zone railroad must be transformed into green industrial units.

7. In order to reduce electricity consumption, all railway stations in the country will switch to the use of LEDs.

8. Using land reserved for horticulture, IR has set itself the goal of planting 5 crore trees as part of its sustainable development module.

9. They also plan to introduce rainwater harvesting systems on the roofs of good outsourced hangars of more than 200 m².

10. All railway wagons will be equipped with bio toilets without discharge.

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