Steven M. Sipple: Half of Frost’s “mission statement” holds up; questions about the MA; and Sparty surge | Column


Martinez, the Huskers’ junior quarterback, is enjoying a career resumption. Frost’s staff has (finally) put tremendous talent around him, especially at the catcher and tight end positions. But if the offensive line doesn’t constantly get a strong push and continues to be chased by penalties, NU will have to scratch and claw to be a .500 team. Ultimately, Frost needs more from Team O-line, a lot more, especially now that the Big Ten season is here in earnest.

“In this league (Big Ten), when you look at it, the lines really set the tone for the games,” NU running back coach Ryan Held said recently. “It’s not like we have 50-point games in this league. I mean, you watch games where it’s 20-17. It’s just a game of grind. It’s all about adjustments. It’s all about being where they are meant to be. There is movement for the ball carriers.

“Three yards is a good game in the Big Ten. Obviously you want more. But in the end, it’s a good play.

It’s a good mentality to verbalize to the players. Constantly.

Nebraska offensive line coach Greg Austin has a big job ahead of him, starting Saturday at Michigan State, where working in the trenches is a way of life.

* There was a time in this world when you couldn’t easily access the video of Nebraska offensive lineman Ethan Piper pushing deep into the backfield on the critical block for an extra run in Oklahoma’s third quarter. The world has changed, however. Pieces like this are there for everyone to see. Again and again. Gracious kindness.

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