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South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer had no plans to create the soundtrack of the year when he appeared at that computer late on Saturday night. It just happened.

“I was not happy with our performance and I was in the locker room talking to the team literally 45 seconds before I sat down,” Beamer told The Athletic on Wednesday. “You look at a computer screen, the loss is still fresh in your mind, and then you start to wonder. “

Let’s set the scene. South Carolina had just lost to Georgia 40-13 and Beamer was still digesting the game. A reporter asked him during the post-game video call what Georgia is doing with their defensive front to slow down the Gamecocks’ hasty attack. Then everything happened. No coachspeak. All truth.

What was Georgia doing?

“They have about 100 five-star soccer players on their defense,” Beamer said. “They have a defensive lineman (Jordan Davis) who weighs 340 pounds and runs better than everyone else on that call. They have five star defensive backs. They are big, physical and fast. I mean, other than that, they’re really, really good. That’s why they have the best defense in the country. They are tough to deal with in football so there was no magic plan they went out with tonight. They have five star rookies all over the place and they play really physically.

Then came the slight pause.

“Shit,” Beamer shut down.

That rant might as well be South Carolina’s mission statement: to build a list that rivals Georgia’s.

The reporter who asked the question was just doing his job, and Beamer admitted he had to maintain some balance on those calls.

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