Muscadine Naturals, Award-Winning Health Supplement Company, Reissues Highly Appreciated Mission Statement


William D. Wagner, PhD, MS, FAHA

By controlling the entire process starting with the vineyard, we can guarantee the quality, safety and effectiveness of our products.

— Natural Muscadine

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 11, 2022 / — Muscadine Naturals continues to be at the forefront of promoting the health benefits of the Muscadine grape. Their company recently partnered with two of North Carolina’s largest wineries. This association now makes the company the largest source of grapes in the state. More importantly, the expansion may lead to more varieties of muscat grapes being researched and increasing their ability to produce massive quantities of supplements to reach more customers.

Now, Muscadine Naturlas is reissuing its mission statement to pursue its goal of being one of the best in its field. “Our philosophy at Muscadine Naturals is simple,” says Muscadine Naturals. “We want to take what Mother Nature has created and make it accessible to everyone. By controlling the entire process, starting with the vineyard, we can guarantee the quality, safety and efficacy of our products. What really drives Muscadine Naturals is knowing we offer the safest and most effective Muscadine products available, backed by scientific research. We have confidence and belief in our philosophy because we are confident of three fundamental facts:

-Our scientific analysis of the Muscadine grape and research studies at leading universities confirm the presence of many phytonutrients that not only serve as antioxidants but also protect our health in many other ways.
-Based on our research and that done around the world, we know of many health benefits of phytonutrients.
-External testing confirms that when we process Muscadine grapes using our patented process, valuable phytonutrients are retained in an unaltered, concentrated form.”

Muscadine Naturals continues, “We would especially like to thank our many loyal customers who contact us daily to learn how our products have improved their quality of life. This feedback inspires us to continue to produce new and better products from what Mother Nature has given us the Muscadine grape variety.”

William D. “Bill” Wagner, Ph.D., is the President and Chief Scientific Officer of Muscadine Naturals. He has worked for more than 40 years on research projects related to heart and arterial diseases and tissue regeneration, including nerves, and 15 years on potential therapeutics derived from the Muscadine grape. He is a member of several scientific societies, notably as a member of the American Heart Association. He is collaborating with several key researchers from other institutions on the effects of muscadine polyphenols on a variety of health conditions. He received training as a multidisciplinary scientific researcher specializing in cardiovascular diseases, nutrition and chronic wounds. His passion, desire and drive has always been to understand health and clinical issues and approach them in new and innovative ways. He devoted his whole life to this work.

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