Members of the Sebewaing Lions Club work on the club’s mission statement


This has been the mission statement of Lions Clubs International since its inception in 1917. And the Unionville-Sebewaing branch has held this mission since its founding in 1959.

The community has been at the center of all the club’s activities, from its annual blood drives to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, to less ceremonial work like helping elementary school students read.

The club has also done a lot of work for those with physical difficulties. Members have set up stations at public events, providing free referrals to parents of children who need eyeglasses, as well as helping people in poverty who cannot afford eyeglasses get what what they need. And a few years ago, a woman’s daughter wanted to go to a summer camp for diabetic children. However, the family could not afford it, so the club raised the necessary money through the community.

The work of the club is however much less obvious during the holidays. According to current Unionville-Sebewaing club president Lindy Wineman, the club likes to keep a low profile during the holidays because there are so many events going on that it might otherwise distract from.

However, this does not mean that the group is inactive. The club is more active than ever, helping with Sebewaing’s “Toys for Tots” and providing financial donations of $1,000 to “Caring and Sharing” each Christmas.

“Lately there are so many more people struggling that we’ve been trying to do more to raise awareness,” Wineman said.

Wineman joined the club five or six years ago, after years of helping her husband (himself a longtime Lion) organize club events. She liked it so much and she was already so involved, that she thought of making it official.

“You take pleasure in doing things for the community with Lions that you couldn’t do with just one person,” she said. “They’re just good, charitable people, that’s what I like about them. They’re just down to earth, down to earth traditional people. Every community really needs this kind of person.”

The Lions Club has been a fixture in Sebewaing for over 60 years. Members have lived up to their organization’s mission statement, serving in whatever way they can.

Throughout the holiday, the Tribune will highlight a number of charities in the Upper Thumb.

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