Mars Board Offers Patriotic Addition to Mission Statement –


The Mars Region School Board is considering a review of the district’s mission, vision and value statements.

At their Tuesday night meeting, council discussed the first reading of an addition to existing Policy 101 that talks about the district’s purpose, plans for the future, and core beliefs that guide actions.

The proposed addition to this statement is not a further change of course for the district or part of a problem that needs to be corrected. Instead, the addition is designed to promote informed, engaged, and patriotic citizens.

“The Mars Region School District will display the American flag in all of its buildings, athletic facilities and classrooms. We will provide students with the opportunity to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day. We will be playing the national anthem at home sporting events. We will continue to respect the freedom of expression and religious freedoms of all students, staff and administrators. So we’re going to follow the Constitution, ”said Dayle Ferguson, board member.

In an effort to educate students to enable them to make their own decisions, Ferguson says students will learn to honor America and that all sides of controversial issues will be represented. The district also plans to ban the teaching of concepts that attribute fault, blame or guilt to people solely because of their race, gender or religion.

“Social theories such as Holocaust denial, Project 1619, 9/11 conspiracy theory, critical race theory, to name a few, will only be introduced to students if they are presented to the school board at a public meeting, ”Ferguson said.

The revised policy will be posted on the district website for 30 days for public review. The board is then expected to take a vote for final approval in August or September.

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