KO sheds light on ‘Mission Statement 3’ release


KO Sheds Light on ‘Mission Statement 3’ Release Rapper Mzansi KO has revealed some huge plans for the year, so his followers might want to keep an eye out for him to fulfill all of his previous music commitments this year.

KO sheds light on ‘Mission Statement 3’ release

The rapper provided the release date for the SkhandaWorld artists’ musical project. Unfortunately, the rapper did not give an update on the release date of the highly anticipated SR3 album. With more and more requests from most of his fans, KO gave non-stop updates about his album release date.

Following a conversation on Twitter with one of his fans, KO provided an update on the release of “Mission Statement 3.” This came after a fan suggested that now was the right time for KO to release “Mission Statement 3”. “If I read the state of the game right now, I think it’s high time @MrCashtime gave us MS3 (mission statement 3).”

KO continued and gave a positive response to the release of “Mission Statement 3”. as he specified that he will make it available at the same time he releases SR3. “It’s on the album. Might drop it with pre-save before official release“replied KO.

KO made a good presence during the release of Statement Mission 2. The music video gained a lot of traction as it contained great content and quality. KO declared its genius to its supporters and fellow competitors in Mission Statement 2, emphasizing that this is a competitive game and not just a friendly sport.

With Mission Statement 3 on its sleeves, its fans must anticipate something much better than the previous releases. For now, SkandaWorld artists will provide the game with the hits as SA hip hop waits for the knockout project

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