How to create a mission statement for your business


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Although it is not mandatory for a company to have a mission statement, a company that takes the time to create one is able to communicate the purpose and values ​​of the organization to all stakeholders, including including customers, employees and owners.

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Ready to write your first mission statement? Here’s what you’ll need to include in your statement, and we look at how a mission statement differs from a vision statement.

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What is a mission statement?

Before offering tips for writing a mission statement, it is important to know the definition of a mission statement.

A mission statement allows the public to understand an organization’s offerings, purpose, and values. Her storytelling is inclusive, intentional and inspiring for all audiences. Mission statements are also action-oriented, explaining the steps the company will take to implement its practices.

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Tips for Writing a Mission Statement

Writing a mission statement that inspires everyone can often seem like a difficult task, but it’s actually less complicated than it looks. Here are some tips to guide you in writing a mission statement.

Explain your offers

What does your business do and what types of offers does it sell? Clearly describe the products or services you sell, why customers would buy these offerings, and the problems they help solve for customers.

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Describe your values

What is the North Star that guides your company and its actions? Identify your organization’s core values, which can be a mix of physical and emotional values ​​such as accountability, quality, honesty, and creating an exceptional customer experience.

While you want to look unique, remember that you also want to be grounded in your values. Don’t try to sound too haughty or use non-inclusive language.

Connect your offers to your values

How do your offerings align with your values? Consider why your business exists and how your core values ​​enable you to connect with customers and achieve its purpose.

Take the example of Tesla, which has a mission to “accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy”. The interest of the company is not simply to sell cars but to promote sustainable energy.

By creating a mission statement, your company should be able to connect its products to its values ​​and define how the offerings serve those values.

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Keep the statement clear and concise

Ideally, a mission statement should be no longer than one sentence. Your final mission statement should be clear and concise, stating who, what and why of your organization.

Mission Statement and Vision Statement: What’s the Difference?

Some organizations may decide to create vision statements in addition to mission statements.

Vision statements differ from mission statements in that they are forward-looking. A mission statement articulates a company’s offerings, purpose, and values ​​in the present moment, while a vision statement looks at what the organization will eventually become.

Some of the questions you may be able to answer in a vision statement include:

  • How does your business envision its current future?
  • How does your company envision the future of its industry?
  • What place does the company think it has in the world?
  • What does an ideal version of the company look like?
  • How can your company achieve its goals and meet shareholder needs in the future?

Does your business need a mission statement and a vision statement? The answer is entirely up to you and your organization’s needs. Once you’ve created a mission statement, remember to share it with your shareholders and live your mission and values.

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