Gebr Heinemann establishes a mission statement for the new era of travel retail


“Long-term success through constant development” is the mantra of Gebr Heinemann as it sets the course for the future with an updated mission statement.

The new statement sees CEO and fifth generation Max Heinemann (pictured) rethinking the company’s previous mission statement and translating it for the future.

He said this week: “A new era of travel and therefore of travel retail has begun. The market places different demands on the travel industry than in the past. Digitization, sustainability goals and, last but not least, the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic heralded these changes.

“Gebr Heinemann has a clear vision for the future. Our drive and ability to innovate has made us one of the most successful companies in the global travel market for over 140 years. We truly believe in this market and will continue to play a leading role in it. But now, more than ever, it is about actively shaping change – we will take what made us strong in the new era and translate it for the future,” he added, noting that the he company is characterized above all by two key strengths. “Our employees are our primary strength. They leave their mark on the company day after day. Our employees ensure that our customers like to buy our products and that our partners appreciate our services.

“Our second great strength is our total focus on the needs of the traveler and the willingness and dedication to fully understand what buyers want and expect from us as a travel retailer. This will allow us to offer travelers around the world even more entertaining, inspiring and sustainable shopping experiences in the future. By effectively interconnecting these two assets, we will turn travel time into valuable time as the most human-centric company in global commerce. Our updated vision provides a long-term perspective for this,” he concluded.

The statement reads as follows:

Our vision

The Heinemann family. We turn travel time into valuable time as the most human-centric company in global travel retail.

As a family business, Gebr. Heinemann stands for human experiences in Travel Retail. It is important that travelers and business partners have a sense of this typical Heinemann personality – global, physical and digital.

Our Guiding Principles

The new vision forms the roof, so to speak, over everything Gebr. Heinemann plans for the future, everything the company does and thinks about. But a roof must be supported by a foundation. The principles adopted by Gebr. Heinemann are that foundation. They reflect corporate values ​​rooted in the company’s history that spans more than 140 years. They provide direction to all employees worldwide, guiding their actions. The principles that have been further developed are indicative of the new vision adopted by Gebr. Heinemann as he embarks on his future path.

We are a family.We cultivate family values ​​and act the way we would like to be treated. We treat employees, partners and customers as part of our family. We appreciate different characters and encourage individuality. Our non-bureaucratic culture makes us fast and flexible.

We live in trust.We believe that successful entrepreneurship is built on trust. The people we work with can count on us, and we count on them. We encourage initiative and motivation and create freedom for entrepreneurial behavior. Error tolerance is part of our culture. What matters is learning from them and continually improving.

We create change.We are go-getters and want to shape the future of travel. We achieve this through close collaboration with our partners and customers, and with passion, courage and consistency. We are not resting on our laurels. We invest in the future and see change as an opportunity.

We excite humans.We focus on people and their needs. We are dedicated, we surprise and inspire them. We build long-term relationships and thus also ensure our success. We love what we do and people feel it.

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