Farmington-based school district unveils new vision and mission statement


FARMINGTON — Regional Academic Unit 9 has unveiled its new vision and mission statements — an ongoing component to formulating a 10-year strategic plan.

The mission statement reads: “to work together to provide high quality educational opportunities for all”.

The vision statement has three themes dealing with “community”, “culture” and “curriculum”.

The vision statement is as follows:


Our students

Students are confident, resilient, and critical thinkers who possess the life skills necessary for success. Students are appreciated for their differences and are supported in their academic progress.

Our team

The staff is a dedicated and passionate group of individuals who are supported by the community and each other. Staff are highly trained and well equipped to support learning and use best practices.

Our neighborhood

The district prioritizes communication, relationship building, community engagement, and sharing of resources that enrich learning in and out of the classroom. The district fosters strong partnerships with families because they are essential to student success.


Our learning environment

All students, staff and families feel safe, welcome and included at our schools. We listen to our students, staff, and families, provide resources to help them thrive, and support multiple pathways to learning.

Our physical environment

District facilities maximize student learning by investing in modern, comfortable and flexible spaces that support innovation. Students and staff are supported with schedules that promote learning, better access to community learning spaces, and equitable access to technology.


Our education

Students are engaged in meaningful, hands-on, and stimulating learning experiences. Staff encourage each student to actively participate in their education and guide them to become successful members of their community.

Our content

The district designs and delivers a varied and comprehensive curriculum designed to develop the skills needed to communicate effectively, collaborate successfully, think creatively, and apply the knowledge gained to new situations.

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