District 7 community hears strategic plan mission statement


EDWARDSVILLE – District 7 hosted its second of four community engagement events at Liberty Middle School on Wednesday evening.

These events allow community members to provide input and feedback on the district’s strategic planning process. The new district strategic plan is being developed through the work of steering committees and interest groups made up of district administrators, staff and community members.

On Wednesday, the group discussed the mission statement, vision, values ​​and pillars proposed by the steering committees.

“Our job is all-encompassing,” said Patrick Shelton, District 7 superintendent. “One of the things we want is for every student, every member of the community, every parent, every teacher to see themselves in our mission. , in our vision. We want every member of the community to feel represented.

The mission statement drafted by the steering committees specifies:

“Empower each student to achieve personal success. “

Some discussions on Wednesday evening focused on the difference between the word “each” and the word “each”. A similar conversation took place at steering committee meetings, according to Shelton.

The proposed vision statement states:

“We will build a thriving community of learners while creating authentic and meaningful pathways to success for every student. ”

“The mission is solid, the vision is pretty good, and then we come to the values,” Shelton said.

Although steering committees searched for examples of values ​​and pillars, nothing was written on Wednesday.

Next steps in the strategic planning process include student comment panels next week, followed by a presentation of the mission, vision, values ​​and pillars to the District 7 school board at the December 20 meeting. . Originally the plan was to have the board vote on the proposed mission and vision statements at the December meeting, but this was moved to January as the values ​​and pillars are still being worked out. discussion.

The next community engagement opportunity will be in the EHS commons on February 3

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