CHSAA Mission Statement – Colorado High School Activities Association


• Our mission • • • “To strive for excellence in studies, activities and athletics”

In the pursuit of excellence, the Colorado High School Activities Association strives to create a positive and equitable environment in which all qualified participating students are challenged and inspired to reach their highest potential.

To fulfill this mission, the Colorado High School Activities Association:

  • Act as an integral part of the educational process.
  • Provide fair opportunities to participants that encourage all qualified students to take part in the sport activity / experience.
  • Promote and support the social and emotional well-being of participating students through activities.
  • Continue to assess the risks inherent in sport participation and provide safe competitive environments in accordance with the rules of the game and bylaws of the NFHS, Colorado High School Activities Association, as recommended by the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.
  • Administer, interpret and seek compliance with CHSAA rules as needed to promote fair play in Colorado activities and athletics.
  • Provide an environment that enhances personal development through athletic behavior, character education, teamwork, leadership and citizenship while increasing values ​​that align with Colorado State educational standards .
  • Recognize the outstanding achievements of Colorado’s athletes, teams, coaches and administrators through our academic and activity awards programs.

• Our core values ​​• • •

  • Participating is a privilege
  • Participation in athletics and activities is based on education
  • Participation promotes the teaching of a healthy lifestyle
  • Participation promotes respect for the diversity of cultures, beliefs, socio-economic status, racial and ethnic origins, gender identity and geographic locations
  • Participation helps students stay in school, perform better in school, and become better citizens
  • Participation finds and nurtures the best effort of each participant
  • Participation requires respect for fair play and appreciation of the fair application of procedures, rules and regulations
  • Participation provides a wider window and ultimately a wider purpose in the lives of students

Our engagement • • •

  • Zero tolerance holding us, student-athletes, educational leaders, coaches, officials, judges and the many stakeholders responsible for creating an environment free from racism and discrimination

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