Carolina Beach Centennial Committee Announces Mission Statement and Goals


Carolina Beach -NC — A Carolina Beach Centennial Committee is pleased to announce that it has approved the Mission Statement which will be used as a guide to create and deliver a meaningful Centennial Program for residence, visitors and businesses . 2025.

The mission of the Centennial Celebration is to honor the past and showcase a Carolina Beach and inspire continued growth and prosperity for it into the next century.

The slogan “The waves of the past carried away by the tide of tomorrow” will also be integrated throughout the centenary program.

The Carolina Beach Centennial Committee serves as an ad hoc committee and includes residents who currently participate in various committees, nonprofits and others in Carolina Beach. Members include: Jennah Bosch, Sharon Carlson, Ryan Cavanaugh, Elaine Henson, Christine Higgins, Alannah Keeler, Deborah LeCompte, Maureen Lewis, Vincent Losito, Sheila Marshall, Frances Massey, Jasmine McKee, LeeAnn Tluchowski Piccinin, Fire Chief Alan Griffin and Board Member Lynn Barbee.

Carolina Beach has two centuries old dates. March 6, 1925 is the date the company was brought into the house and passed through the canals until it was ratified by the Senate and sent to the Secretary of State. September 5, which is the Friday following Labor Day Monday (1/9/25) when officials are sworn in.

The Centennial Committee will make a presentation to City Council in the fall and recommend that the celebration begin on the weekend of March 7, 2025 and end on the weekend of September 7, 2025. Events and plans are under discussion who engage the community and incorporate opportunities to learn about past rulers and the events that shaped the city.

Early committee activities include a centennial logo contest for adults and children, a dedicated social media page, and additional information on the City of Carolina Beach website, all launching in early fall 2021.

Committee Chair Maureen Lewis explains, “A large-scale celebration takes time, planning, money and a lot of volunteer effort. So we all believe that your planning cycle is the right amount of time to gain support from leaders, community, city staff and will allow for successful fundraising to support planned activities. We have an extremely passionate and talented team who are excited to create something special. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and enjoy the variety of programs and events celebrating Carolina Beach’s 100th anniversary.

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