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ARLINGTON, Va. (AFNS) — The Air Force has released its new mission statement: Fly, Fight, and Win…air power anytime, anywhere. This shift emphasizes the primary competitive advantage and capabilities that air power provides to nation and joint operations.

The ability to fight and win with air power is key to dealing with emerging competitors and close-to-peer adversaries, department heads say.

“As we crafted this new mission statement, we consulted with Airmen across the spectrum – enlisted, officers, reserves, guardsmen and civilians,” said Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles Q. Brown, Jr.

Since the domain of space comes under the space forcethe Air Force can now focus solely on air power and maintain a sustained focus on core air domain missions.

With a total force of more than 689,000, Airmen work to support all aspects of air power, which includes five primary missions: air superiority; global strike; rapid global mobility; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; and command and control. Airpower also requires people and resources dedicated to unit readiness, basic infrastructure, and talent management.

The Air Force chief master sergeant emphasized that all Airmen, regardless of the Air Force specialty code in which they serve, play an important role in generating military air power for the nation. .

“As the new mission statement was formulated, it was important to us that all Airmen see where they fit in,” said Chief Staff Sgt. of the Air Force Joanne S. Bass. “Each Airman, from every career field, is directly responsible for delivering, sustaining, launching and conducting air power, which is the culmination of our diverse specialties, expertise and capabilities that make up our great military. air.”

Brown also emphasized the importance of Total Force in making American air power a reality.

“Delivering air power to our nation requires more than just aircraft,” Brown added. “This requires Total Force Airmen – active duty, guard, reserve, civilian – across all Air Force specialties working together as a cohesive team to operate, sustain and enable our mission and leverage the unique abilities and effects of air power.”

In order to accomplish the air power mission, Air Force leaders are calling on Airmen to accelerate change and think about future challenges before they are in front of them.

“Our national security does not rest solely on the shoulders of the Air Force Chief of Staff or other service chiefs,” Brown said at his Air Aerospace Warfare Symposium. Force Association in 2021. fireside chat. “It’s all of us together who have a stake in this; and how we work together on this, and move forward together and understand what’s happening in the future, and really appreciate that, will help us all move faster.

The mission of the US Air Force is to fly, fight, and win…air power anytime, anywhere.

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