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A revised mission statement, part of a new 10-year strategic plan, has received approval from the Board of Regents to guide the University of Wisconsin-Stout into a post-pandemic society and into the future.

At the October meeting of the UW System Board of Regents, the mission statement received final approval, culminating in over a year of work to update it while remaining true to the founding principles of the school set out in 1891 by James Huff Stout.

The revised statement reads as follows:

The University of Wisconsin-Stout prepares students for careers through applied learning and research, work experiences, and collaborative partnerships for the benefit of a global society. As a Polytechnic University of Wisconsin, we fulfill our mission through a program that combines interdisciplinary knowledge and discipline-specific technical skills with critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication and social reasoning skills and ethics to improve the human condition. We offer career-focused undergraduate and graduate programs for diverse students, in a variety of in-person, hybrid and virtual modalities, organized around career hubs that include:

• Science, technology, engineering and mathematics;

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• Business and management;

• Social and behavioral sciences;

• Information and communications technologies; and

• Health sciences and human services.

The revisions put more emphasis on UW-Stout’s polytechnic principles of applied learning, collaboration with business and industry, and career guidance; a focus on the changes and opportunities realized during the COVID-19 pandemic; and alignment with the university’s seven career poles.

The mission statement was last revised in 2009.

“A 10-year strategic plan encourages innovative and visionary thinking. This is especially important because we need to challenge our traditional ways of knowing and doing to be successful in a post-pandemic environment, ”said Chancellor Katherine Frank.

The revision of the declaration and the FOCUS2030 strategic plan, the latter which was launched in May 2021, was part of a year-long process that began in July 2020. A meeting was held with around 80 people, including 50 external stakeholders such as business and community leaders, legislators, regents and UW system managers, to help inform the development of the university’s goals for the next decade.

As a result of the meeting, it was determined that the mission statement needed to be revised. A public hearing on the proposed statement was held in August ahead of Board approval.

Along with changes to the mission statement and the FOCUS2030 plan, the university’s vision statement, which is part of its mission and values, has also been revised. The main changes include an increased focus on equity, diversity and inclusiveness; increased future direction, including progression from a regional leader to an international leader; and an increased emphasis on polytechnic principles, especially career.

The vision statement reads as follows:

The University of Wisconsin-Stout prepares lifelong learners, ethical leaders and responsible citizens in an equitable, inclusive and sustainable environment through collaborative career-focused programs that integrate applied learning, theory and research. We will advance our position as a forward-looking polytechnic institution and as a regional, national and international leader in higher education in a diverse society.

The FOCUS2030 plan has five goals that guide short and long term decision making. They are:

• Institutional sustainability

• Equity, diversity and inclusiveness

The goals align with a series of action plans managed by the university’s strategic planning group, made up of faculty, staff and students.

UW-Stout is the Polytechnic University of Wisconsin, which focuses on applied learning, collaboration with business and industry, and career outcomes.

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