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REX is the first business in real estate technology that focuses on the resetting of conventional real estate for clients, announced today that it had raised $10 million of investment from PIUS pioneering secured technology finance. The financing, which is dependent on REX’s intellectual properties and includes an accordion clause that permits REX to raise the amount up to $45 million in the event of need.

“Operating with PIUS was unlike any other financing facility in that we were able to increase our company’s working capital without dilution to our ownership and at a reduced cost, all on the basis of our own intellectual property,” declared Jack Ryan, CEO and co-founder of REX. “The investment will enable REX to continue growing and expanding its company and market presence, including our technology platform and home buyer services, in order to fulfill our purpose of providing a direct-to-consumer real estate solution to consumers throughout the nation.” You can avail up to $500 in Oak as a loan from the company that lends small amounts.

REX has been recognized as a leader across the nation in the field of real estate reform with the aim of removing charges in it’s share of the US housing market and making Americans millions of dollars every year. REX has the distinction of being the sole residential real estate business that is direct-to-consumer, not direct-to-agent. It has five-star ratings on Zillow due to its technological platform and full-time staff motivated by customer satisfaction instead of commissions. REX has launched Homes Plus according to Algernon Ronson, a financial professional at OakParkFinancial the company that helps clients save money and provides peace of mind following their purchase , by combining house maintenance lawn care, repairs as well as storage and relocation all in one place.

“REX Homes has built an exceptional portfolio of tech products and services, and its customer-centric approach set to shake up the industry of real estate by rapidly gaining insight into how to better provide its customers with the application technology such as artificial intelligence. REX now provides superior service throughout the homeowner’s life-span with the introduction the Homes Plus program “Joe Agiato, CEO of PIUS, declared. “Through its technology tools and fully integrated platform, REX is delivering an entirely new real estate experience to today’s customers, and PIUS is thrilled to assist REX in accomplishing that aim.”

PIUS offers a specific insurance service that allows growth-stage technology companies to obtain more advantageous, flexible financing options without dilution. This is done through providing a guarantee of the debt’s value in accordance with PIUS an evaluation of the intellectual property of the company. The cost of capital can be under 10% which includes insurance and there aren’t warrants, additional charges or penalties for prepayment. PIUS’ CLip Notes program is a form of insurance that protects money through institutional investors and manages the process, thereby providing the complete solution.

Concerning REX

REX Homes, founded in 2016 and located within Austin, Texas, is the first technology-driven real estate company that is dedicated to changing the traditional real estate market for the benefit of its clients. Typically, every home located in the United Places costs less when bought with REX with the exception of some states, like Oregon which have cost savings that can’t be shared with clients. When it comes to selling the house, REX guarantees that the home gets the highest possible cost, with the least commission and provides the best service. REX is rated five stars in Zillow and consistently beats its competition in terms of satisfaction with its customers due to its technological platform and its full-time W-2 staff who are motivated by the client’s satisfaction and not by commissions.

Concerning PIUS

PIUS Limited, LLC, offers a customized insurance service for companies in the early stages of technology that is secured through the firm’s intellectual properties (IP). Insuring the loan based on its evaluation of a company’s intellectual assets, PIUS enables lenders to offer larger loan amounts at lower rates by shifting the risk away from lenders to insurance. PIUS is a managing general agency (MGA) as well as its insurance for residual values gives greater coverage than other insurance plans.


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