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For 40 years, earning and maintaining the trust of our readers has been our top priority at PCMag. Our editorial team is dedicated to the following principles, which ensure that we always provide high quality service journalism you can count on. To learn more about who we are and what we do, check out our Masthead banner.


  • We develop our stories through testing, research and interviewing, as well as our product and industry experience.

  • Our reviews are based on test results which remain consistent on similar products. PC Lab’s testing methodologies are designed to provide objective, accurate, repeatable results, and we work hard to continually evolve our testing methods.


  • Editorial reviews and conclusions are made without any personal, advertising, marketing or other consideration. Our affiliate marketing team places and optimizes buy links on some of our pages; if you buy through these links, we may earn commissions. These pages are tagged with the appropriate affiliate disclosures.

  • Our editorial team does not do paid sponsorship or produce paid content. We have a marketing team that works with vendors to create branded content, and that content is disclosed as advertising.


  • We work with suppliers and will sign and honor embargoes to provide accurate and timely information to our readers. Embargoes define the timing of coverage, not its scope, nature or editorial perspective.

  • During the testing and review process, we give vendors the opportunity to resolve issues as we discover them. However, we do not accept any prerequisites and do not allow vendors to preview our reviews for publication.

  • Assessment software provided for testing should not be distributed beyond PCMag offices. Hardware products on loan for evaluation remain the property of Seller and are generally returned within 90 days (or earlier at Seller’s request). Occasionally, we will hold a product for more than 90 days to evaluate it for an extended period.

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