Mission statement and launch of the GSE Profession Diversity and Inclusion strategy


The D&I Strategy and action plan The strategy defines how the profession will ensure equality through diversity and inclusiveness, which is a key theme of the 2021 edition. GSE Business strategy. The details of the strategy reinforce the profession’s commitment to fully represent the community it serves.

A key element of the strategy is the use of tools such as the Returners’ Pack, which promotes the development of return programs to attract the return of talented individuals. Following the launch of the D&I Strategy, the GSE The profession will make a number of improvements suggested by its members to facilitate diversity and inclusion. The profession aims to monitor the progress of the strategy by engaging regularly with its member groups for feedback.

GSE Mission statement on the diversity and inclusion of the profession

The strategy was developed in collaboration with the GSE Diversity and Inclusion Action Group (DIAG), alongside others GSE members and stakeholders to the extent possible. In collaboration with these groups, the profession has developed a new mission statement on diversity and inclusion to support its strategy:

The government science and engineering profession values ​​the diversity of science and engineering skills found in government. It’s a job where everyone STEM talent or interest is nurtured and celebrated, delivering world-class science and engineering.

The GSE Action group on the diversity and inclusion of professions

The GSE Job DIAG continues to lead the work to move towards greater inclusiveness. Its recent successes include increasing the number of its volunteer members over the summer, creating task and finish groups to handle the challenges ahead, and appointing learning and development champions to ensure members equal access to opportunities and equitable outcomes.

Learn more about the GSE The successes of the profession.

Read the whole GSE Job D&I Strategy.

If you have any questions about the strategy or would like to get involved in the profession, please send an email to gse@go-science.gov.uk.


Dr Vicki Chalker, Head of Scientific and Technical Profession, UK Health Safety Agency and President of the GSE Professions DIAG stressed the importance of this strategy:

I am proud to work with the GSE Profession on improving diversity and inclusion in science and engineering. We must all do our utmost to ensure the integration of good practices, expand the immense range of science and engineering talent in government, inspire present and future generations to have rewarding and meaningful careers for the nation.

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