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We wanted to push the boat out by celebrating this milestone with our general public, advertisers and supporters – and we put a lot of effort into a special edition, possibly a collector’s edition! At this time, we were also exiting our acquisition of CryoGas International in the United States, which we would later rebrand as Gasworld US Edition to great acclaim. It was definitely a good time for all of us and for the industrial gases industry itself; we were in the post-recession, post-green phase of the recovery and the industry was firmly on the rise again.

I couldn’t have imagined what the next 100 issues, the next decade might hold for all of us. You could say, who could, especially with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic? At the time, looking back to our first century of magazines, this was my 74th issue and so much had already evolved both on a Gasworld level and on an industry level.

“This is the 74th issue I’ve participated in since joining gasworld in the summer of 2007, so I’m thrilled to see the magazine take such a big step and, in many ways, come of age… The magazine has changed significantly. Yet, throughout this time, it has remained true to its roots, its core values ​​– to be the central point for news, views and information on global industrial gases. It has simply evolved over time to provide our readers and partners with the most effective and engaging ways to convey these values.

… I think the magazine has grown with the industry, it reflects the changes the industry has gone through, as all true industry publications should. It was pointed out the other day when I was looking at my first magazine, issue 27. There has been so much evolution since then.

… However, perhaps one of the most striking developments has been the change in attitude towards the clean fuels of hydrogen and LNG. In the summer of 2007, hydrogen was still “the hot gas” and there was a distinct lack of LNG coverage in the magazine. While it is true that the hydrogen economy is still being discussed, it is LNG that seems to be the hot topic of discussion and where our industry fits in and therefore commands considerable column inches.

These are some of my thoughts on this milestone in 2013, and feelings that still strike a chord today. Obviously this is my 174th issue and the evolution since has been even more brutal. We’ve seen the whole face of the industry change in the last half-decade alone, arguably in the most significant way possible, with mega-mergers and a series of subsequent M&A activity. We have seen core industry values ​​challenged by a devastating global pandemic and public health emergency. We’ve reported that countless supply chain issues, big and small, have affected products like helium and carbon dioxide. We have mapped the growing integration of digitalization into our industry and the shifting sands of our industry geographically as emerging markets have come both to the fore and age.

And of course, we told how this journey to clean fuels, decarbonization and sustainability has not only deepened, but also twisted and turned. Interestingly, if I reflected on the rise of LNG in 2013, we know that since then this clean fuel has had many ups and downs as it finds its own way in this energy transition. Indeed, we explored this role even in a decarbonized future in one of our last editions, just a few months ago. Meanwhile, hydrogen has firmly outgrown the “hype cycles” of yesteryear and emerged, almost unequivocally, as the closest thing to a silver bullet we have in our clean, green future.

As we close the book on 2021, prepare for 2022, and look here through 200 issues of gasworld magazine, we truly feel that the industrial and specialty gas ecosystem of today and tomorrow is reinvented and invigorated by a number of intertwined trends. Our editorial calendars continue to reflect this – from the rebalancing of markets and the decentralization of supply chains, to the rise of circular economies and the growth of a multitude of applications.

Which brings me to one of the main observations and promises I would like to make to you here. In issue 100, I said, “For Gasworld magazine, our goal is clear: to continue to be the industry’s go-to publication. I say “become” because we must never think that we have succeeded and lose sight of our objectives; we will strive to stay at the forefront of the gas industry and take our readers and supporters with us through an insightful, compelling and engaging combination of print and digital products. This should always be our goal.

This commitment remains today; in fact, it is being reassessed and reinvigorated just as the industry has been. Our content is growing, our readership is growing, and our audience loyalty is stronger than ever. It’s one of the unshakable stories of our 200 issues – and we have you to thank. I want to thank everyone who has been involved throughout the process – past and present teams, our advisory boards and, of course, you, our loyal readers and supporters.

Over the next few pages, we take a moment to pause and reflect on the big stories, interviews and megatrends that have shaped the industry and the world of gas over the past decade or more – we hope you enjoy reading. and let me once again thank you all, your editor.

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