5 tips for crafting an effective mission statement


If you reorganize your statement, don’t blind your employees with the new message; test it on them first. Distribute the draft mission statement to each employee and ask them what, if anything, should be added or changed. Not only will you get a better and more complete statement, but your employees will be more involved in it because they helped write it. Your mission statement should accurately reflect your business, and being transparent with your employees will help create a great message.

Evolution is inevitable. All too often, however, a mission statement is written when a business is born and then forgotten. Your statement should be an important representation of your business culture. It is an opportunity to instill an overall sense of identity and should be constantly nurtured and evoked. Incorporate the ideas and themes from the statement into the way you run your business and be sure to review it regularly to make any necessary changes. No business ever stays exactly the same. Changing your statement ensures that it consistently matches the direction of your business.

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